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We assist you find all kinds of accommodations from Paying guest, home stays, guest houses, vacation houses, furnished/ semi-furnished apartments, independent houses/apartments, bungalows to farm houses on short term or long term rent or purchase in any nick and corner of Delhi/NCR.
All accommodations are customized to your needs, well equipped with modern amenities, are safe and completely dedicated to help you feel comfortable in a different culture.
Voluntary activities: As a part of our CSR move, we encourage people to help those who need them. We ourselves are quite active social workers. So if you think you can bring a change, we help you achieve it.
Culture and Curry
Sessions :
In a society that is very different from yours, it is always best to have handy tips of the do’s and don’ts plus some local lingo.
Not just language but also we give you a chance to try your hands on Indian cookery and Indian Costumes and get-up.
The true India trips: You can enjoy the true flavour of India; by being a part of our regular village trips and Delhi sight seeing trips. These trips give you a chance to know rural India and get involved in some traditional activities like pottery, local sports etc. Trips are well organized for a total new experience to help you see true India.
Language Lessons: Even if you are here for a short time, learning to speak the local language or even just few good phrases is a recommended.
We have an expertise in conducting Hindi (and other local languages) lessons for both short term and long term Internationals
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