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Why learn the local language, is a very typical question that one may ask?
Language learning is also learning the intricacies of the culture.
Even if you are here for a short time, learning to speak the local language or even just few good phrases is recommended.
If you are here for a fairly long time then it becomes a must to know the basics of Hindi in order to conduct various day to day
activities and be able to mix with your Indian counter parts.
The local language can be helpful while negotiating in the markets, locals become more accommodating with you and you can travel far beyond just the touristy places to explore India.
What we can do for you?
We have an expertise in conducting Hindi (and other local languages) lessons for both short term and long term Internationals. We have flexible syllabi to meet your exact needs; our teachers are experts in teaching Hindi as foreign language and have years of experience in doing the same.
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